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Low Iron Float Glass/Low Iron Patterend Glass/ Ultra Clear Glass/High Transmittance Glass

Low Iron Float Glass/Low Iron Patterend Glass/ Ultra Clear Glass/High Transmittance Glass
Price: US $ 1.99-14.99/Square Meter
Min Order: 100/Square Meter
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Money Gram

Including low iron float glass and low iron patterned glass.



Low iron float glass is also called ultra clear glass, high transmittance glass. It is a new type of high grade glass that has high performance and multifunction. It has the character of glittering and translucent, elegant and graceful, which has the title of 'crystal prince' in glass family.

1. High light transmittance ratio, achieve above 91.5%.
2. Low visible light reflectivity, is about 8%.
3. Has all the processable performances that high quality float glass has.
4. Predominant quality and performance guarantee predominant physical, mechanical and optical characters.
5. Passed SGS's inspection and completely meet ROHS requirements of EU.
6. Can be used in all kinds of construction and decoration and the counter of display window exhibited by top-grade valuable products.


Comparisons in light transmission:


Thickness: 2~25mm 
Sizes: Max length: 12000mm. Max width: 3660mm

1. High grade interior and exterior decoration.
2. Household electric appliances
3. Showcase and display window and counter.
4. Green house, sunlight collecting roof, fish tank, etc.
5. Crafts and light decorations
6. Glass furniture and bath room series products.
7. Solar energy module and battery.



Patterned glass is also called figured glass, obscure glass, and decorative glass. It is made by passing the low iron glass through rollers that have patterns on them. The pattern is transferred to one or both sides of the glass.

1. Fully allow the light to pass through and on the other hand can limit or prevent clear view effectively.
2. Available in a wide variety of patterns, add perfect complement to many interior designs.
3. Heavy patterned glasses provide added strength and support and the patterns will never fade.
4. Can be cut, ground, drilled, tempered, laminated and printed, etc.


Patterns: Mayflower, Flora, Karatachi, Diamond, etc
Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5. 5mm, 6mm and 8mm. 
Sizes: 1220x1830mm, 1530x2134mm, 1830x2134mm etc.

1. Shower doors and tub enclosures.
2. Decorative furniture and light fixtures
3. Translucent door and window treatments
4. Other special applications, such as foyers and vestibules.

1. The storage area must be dry and a constant temperature is necessary.
2. Do not store in outdoors.
3. Far away from heat and any kind of chemical such as acid, alkali, fuel, putty and various organic solvents or vapors,etc. 
4. Vertically placed with paper interleave.


Shape: Flat
Structure: Solid
Function: Decorative Glass
Surface State: Floats Law Glass
Grade: Excellent Grade
Forming: Float Process
Workmanship: Molding machinery
Color: Clear
Usage: Window
Nominal Thickness: 2mm-25mm
A&TGLASS INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. Our company specializes in the manufacture and supply of various kinds of glass and mirror products, we invested 2 float glass production lines and we have our own mirror factory, processing factory, we have 7 warehouses in Qingdao, Tianjin and Dalian port.

A&T GLASS INDUSTRY Co., Ltd has over 8 years experience in float glass, tinted reflective glass, pattern glass, mirror, deep processing glass etc. Through 8 years steady development we have more than 20 technicians, 100 staff, with strong technical support and production capacity. We export 300 containers to more than 70 countries per month. We only offer Best quality, Best service with Competitive price,

A&T GLASS INDUSTRY Co., Ltd only use the best machine for processing glass, such as Italian made Bottero full-automatically cutting machines, high accuracy double edger, Italian Bavelloni beveling machine, Germany CNC grinding & polishing machine (Rohmer + Stimpfig), Germany Intermac Master CNC edging machine, CNC automatic drilling machine, automatic water cutting machine, automatic sandblasting processing, dust free rooms for silk-screen, Tempering oven, and filming workshop

A&T GLASS INDUSTRY Co., Ltd can supply a comprehensive range of products at competitive prices and top quality, including Clear Float Glass, Ultra Clear Float Glass, Tinted Float Glass, Reflective Glass, Patterned Glass, Mirror, Laminated Glass, Furniture Glass, Acid Etched Glass, Solar Glass, Automotive Glass, Tempered Glass etc.

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