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Herbicide Diquat (97%TC, 40%TK, 15%AS, 150g/L SL, 200g/L SL)

Herbicide Diquat (97%TC, 40%TK, 15%AS, 150g/L SL, 200g/L SL)
Price: US $ 1.2Litre
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min Order: 500Litre
Pay Type: L/C,T/T
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail:For liquid: 200Ltr/drum, 20L/drum, 1L/bottle, 500ml/bottle, 250ml/bottle, 100ml/bottle.
For solid: 25 kg/drum, 25kg/bag, 1kg/bag or on the requirement of client.
Delivery Detail:20-30days
Common name:   Diquat
Chemical Name:  1, 1'-ethylene-2, 2'-bipyridyldiylium dibromide salt.
Formula: C12H12N2Br2 
Molecular Weight:  344.06
CAS No.: 85-00-7
Specification: 97%TC, 40%TK, 15%AS, 150g/L SL, 200g/L SL
Physical & Chemical Properties  
Appearance: Technical diquat dibromide, which is greater than 97% pure, forms white to yellow crystals. 
Melting Point:  Decomposes above 300°C.
Vapour Pressure: Negligible20°C.
Stability:  Water Solubility: 700,000 mg/L at 20°C, solubility in Other Solvents: i.s. in nonpolar solvents such as chloroform, diethyl ether, and petroleum ether; s.s in alcohol and hydroxylic solvents.
(Rat): Oral LD50 600 mg/kg b.w.
(Rabbit): Dermal LD50 260 mg/kg b.w.
(Rat): Inhalation LC50 (4 h) 0.121 mg/l air
Diquat dibromide is a moderately toxic compound in EPA toxicity class II. It is a General Use Pesticide (GUP). Labels for products containing diquat dibromide must bear the Signal Word WARNING.
Diquat dibromide is a nonselective, quick-acting herbicide and plant growth regulator, causing injury only to the parts of the plant to which it is applied. Diquat dibromide is referred to as a desiccant because it causes a leaf or an entire plant to dry out quickly. It is used to desiccate potato vines and seed crops, to control flowering of sugarcane, and for industrial and aquatic weed control. It is not residual; that is, it does not leave any trace of herbicide on or in plants, soil, or water.
Diquat is used as pre-harvest desiccation of cotton, flax, alfalfa, clover, lupins, oilseed rape, poppies, soya beans, peas, beans, sunflowers, cereals, maize, rice, sugar beet, and other seed crops; destruction of potato haulms; and stripping of hops. Control of annual broad-leaved weeds in vines, pome fruit, stone fruit, bush fruit, strawberries (also control of runners), citrus fruit, olives, hops, vegetables, ornamental plants and shrubs, and other crops. Control of emergent and submerged aquatic weeds. Weed control on non-crop land. Weed control and tassel inhibition in sugar cane.
Application rates 400-1000 g/ha.
Name of product  Diquat Dibromide   40% TC
Index nameIndex valueMeasured  value
AppearanceRedish Brown homogeneous liquid ,without visible impurityRedish Brown homogeneous liquid ,without visible impurity
Diquat Dibromide Content (W/V, %)      ≥40.00
Ethylene Dibromode (ppm)      ≤102.2
2, 2-Bipridine (%)≤1.0complies
PH Value2.0-7.04.9
Name of productDiquat dibromide        15%AS
Index nameIndex valueMeasured  value
AppearanceBlack-green  stable liquidBlack-green  stable liquid
Content :
Diquat dibromide (%)
PH Value4.0-8.04.0
Stable in low temperatureCompliesComplies
Stable in hot  storageCompliesComplies
Name of productDIQUAT DIBROMIDE 200SL
AppearanceRed brown homogeneous liquidRed brown homogeneous liquid
Content (g/l)+10.0
PH  Value3.0-7.06.1
Water insoluble material (%)≤0.20.1
Stability on dilutionQualifiedQualified

Prod Model: 97%TC, 40%TK, 15%AS, 150g/L SL, 200g/L SL
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Formulation: 40%Tk, 15%as, 150g/L SL, 200g/L SL
Appearance: Liquid
Usage: Selective
Composition: Organic
Colour: Dark Brown
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