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Micro Reactance Aging Beauty Equipment

Micro Reactance Aging Beauty Equipment
Price: US $ 7299-9199/Piece
Min Order: 1/Piece
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A8 Wrinkle Removal Microcurrent Face Lift Machine

Principle of Wrinkle Removal Microcurrent Face Lift Machine

The eighth generation BIO machine has accessed to market, that is A8---BioLight &EMS skin care. It gathers five techniques at one machine----Bio micro-current, Bio-Light, STF bio-collagen, EMS (electron stimulate muscle) and adds whiten skill, and can operate on 3-4 clients at the same time. Its professional process, remarkable effect, safe and no side effect, can remove wrinkle, loss weight, breast firming.


1. External appearance: futuramic and particular design, new and unique. The three-layer shelf used for putting accessories, is useful and saving room.

2. Programs: A8 contains 5970 groups of treatment programs, 12 groups computer assemble, 46 sets professional nursing care.

3. System: With two sets of independent working systems, the A8 BioLight & EMS skin care allows the practitioner to service 3-4 clients at the same time or offer 3-4 different treatments to the same client at the same time.

4. Technique: Five techniques at one machine----Bio micro-current, Bio-Light, STF bio-collagen, EMS (electron stimulate muscle) and add whiten skill.

5. Professional: The machine can superimposing whiten function without limitation, and at the same time you can select the treatment process and maintenance process of the machine according to the clients age, skin and times of course.

6. Items: One machine can achieve only face or body nursing course, or several combos. It can satisfy different effects and different consumers. Its unique characteristic will gain more benefit for beauty SPA.

7. Language: English and Chinese operating system, color Liquid Crystal Display, WORD operating, easy to be used.


1. BIO micro-current

Face: lifting muscle, tightening skin, replenishing moisture content, removing wrinkle, activating cell.

Eyes: removing eye-bag, black eye-ring, eyes wrinkle, crow's-feet and release eyes.

Body: breast lifting, lifting buttock, removing double chin, reducing wrinkle on hands and neck.

2. BioLight

Face: replenishing energy, repairing senile skin, improving collagen hyperplasia, removing splash, reducing scar, recovering spring, promoting circulation and repairing sensitive skin.

Beauty breast: replenishing energy, firming and lifting breast, whitening and moistening skin and promoting absorbing of beauty products.

3. STF microwavecollagen hyperplasia technique

Face: increase collagen hyperplasia, replenishing moisture content, recovering spring, whitening skin.

Body: leading in nutrition quickly, watering skin and recovering skin.

4. EMS muscle exercise

Face: lymphatic drainage, removing edema, slimming face, tightening skin and improving senile skin.

Body: lymphatic drainage, increasing circulatory function, improving phlegmona, removing edema, loss weight, slimming, tightening arm, leg, abdoment, shaping body, breast enlargement and breast lifting.

5. Whitening

Increase dark, rough skin. Inhibiting melanin, reduce splash.

Dimension: 58cm(L)×53cm(W)×96cm(H)
Weight: 18.5kg
Power supply: 220V(1±10%)50Hz(1±2%)
Packing size: 71cm(L)×71cm(W)×105cm(H)
Gross weight (contains main machine, accessories, wrapper): 38kg.

Prod Model: Ambrosia
Product Name: Non Surgical Facial Toning and Body Sculpting Syst
Designed In: California, USA
Test Standard: IEC/En 60601-1-10
Features: Micro-Current, Hydratone, E-Chroma Comb, Faradic
Application 1: Facial and Body Toning
Application 2: Eye Bags and Wrinkle Removal
Application 3: Breast Lifting and Firming
Application 4: Modified Facial Contour
Application 5: Lymphatic Drainage, Carving Perfect Body
Warranty Time: 3 Years
Application: Clinic
Type: Skin Care
Theory: Microcurrent
Portable: Vertical
Race Medical & Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd. (Race MBE) established in 1994, is one of the biggest leading developer and manufacturer of aesthetic and medical treatment equipment in China.

The consistently upmost quality of our products are based on advanced American technology, excellent R&D teams from California USA and Mainland China, comprehensive QM complied with ISO 13485 and 93/42/EEC standards.

With ISO 13485( not common ISO 9000, as ISO 13485 is more strict than ISO 9000 ) and CE1023 Medical Certificate( not common CE approval), And some of product already get US FDA 510K Clear, we have exported our items to North and South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and so on.

Our products are used to provide a diverse range of treatment applications such as scalp and hair therapy, anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and scar reduction, body firming and slimming, as well as the new moms' face and body care, etc.

Currently, Race MBE has 13 series Products, including Oxygen Aesthetic Therapy, Ozone Aesthetic Treatment, PDT, Micro-current, IPL, RF, EMS, Low Level Energy Laser Hair Treatment, Cavitation, Vacuum and Micro-dermabrasion, Far-infrared Blanket, Ultrasound.

As a highly innovative company, Race MBE always keeps following up the upmost advanced technology.

A Commitment To Excellence

With our comprehensive family of products, technology and support services, Race MBE has been helping physicians and aesthetic business owners capitalize on the unique and growing opportunities in the aesthetic laser market since 1994

Over the years, we've consistently focused on delivering tangible benefits to both providers and their clients. Specifically, we help providers enhance their practice with exceptional aesthetic oxygen and PDT-based solutions that can improve the health, well-being and quality of life of their clients.

A Global Presence

Our products are used by professionals in the aesthetic and medical markets on a worldwide basis. We currently support customers in over 60 countries through our global distributors, like Eastern Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Oceania, South and North America, Asia.

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