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135 Inch Anti-Light Black Crystal Projector Screen for Long Focus Projector

135 Inch Anti-Light Black Crystal Projector Screen for Long Focus Projector
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Name: 135 inch Anti-light Black Crystal projector screen for long focus projector 

Our Ultra Thin Frame Projection Screen ZHK100B which provides the thinnest visible bezel/frame available in the market today is uniquely designed to resemble a premium LED TV but with much larger viewing area options. ZHK100B Thin Edge Frame uses sturdy extruded aluminum alloy frame with 12mm edge border that offers maximized viewing, making this an excellent addition to both home theater and commercial applications. Watch as your viewing experience soars to new heights of enjoyment! 

Excellent picture quality - Suitable for 4K & 3D television/movies.

Installation is easy - With its easy and adjustable fabric spring system, our Fixed Frame Screen is perfectly and permanently tensioned, ensuring that the screen is as flat and level as the mirror. Special designed slim bracket for an easy click on installation, also available as an in-wall display. Therefore, the users are able to set up in seconds.


Concerns about buyer friends:

1, Q: What is the material border? Why choose a narrow border?

      A: The aluminum frame, strong and durable. Narrow border allows you to enjoy the feeling of unbounded large screen, but does not account for the wall space, the overall appearance, in line with the aesthetic needs of modern fashion.

2, Q: the border is only 12mm, the product is strong?

       A: The front narrow border is for decoration, the actual support is 7CM wide aluminum inner frame. This structure is more solid than the average, but also thicker.

3, Q: Is there any accessories? Personal good installation?

       A: The product installation accessories complete, and is equipped with installation tools, installation method is simple, individuals can install themselves.

4, Q: What screen narrow frame?

       A: Narrow border with professional HD soft white screen, support for HD, 3D, imaging delicate, clear, and very smooth. Is a good choice for home theater.

Below is the Technological Process:

1.Cutting screen fabric

2.Cutting frame

3.Stick velvet to each frame(more colors for velvet can be choosed)

4.Bulid up to a square frame

5.Install fiber strip on side of fabirc

6.Use springs hook the side of fabirc and frame at the same time

7.Install support strip to the centre of back,so that screen can be tightened,flat as a mirror,

                                                                 Dimension of ZHK100B Series

135 inch Anti-light Black Crystal projector screen for long focus projector 

 Ultra Thin Frame  Projection Screen
FormatSizeView AreaFrame  SizePackage  SizeFrame Width(mm)
 (inch)W*H(mm)Frame Length(L)Frame Width(A)L(mm)*W(mm)*H

All of our projection screes are packed with sturdy carton box,and the surface of the carton covered a waterprood plastic film to provent damage during transportaion 

About our factory 

Guangzhou Xiong-Yun Audio-Visual Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a projection screen manufacturer with word-class quality, and mainly produce intelligent home cinema projection screen, movie bar/movie KTV screen, large theater screen and large engineering projection screen, etc. Company capacity is 80,000 sets per year. Products sell well all over the world: China, the United States, Japan, Europe, the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries.



Prod Model: frame screen
Frame Size: 12mm
Frame Material: Aluminum
Gain: 1.4
View Angle: 140 Degree
4K: Yes
3D: Yes
Anti-Light: Best
Fabric Color: Dark Grey
Suitable Projector: Long Focus Projector
Certificate: Ce / RoHS / UL
Material: Soft PVC
Style: Frame Screen
Format: 16:9 / 4:3 / 2.35:1
Guangzhou Xiong-Yun Audio-Visual Equipment Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "XY") is one of the high-quality projection screen manufacturer in the world. XY have production experience of over 10 years with a high reputation and cognition degree in the industry, which mainly offers projection screens to Europe, the United States and other countries. XY's projection screens are widely used in home theater, school, bank, government agencies, museums, weather stations, five-star cinema, military, auditorium, office, hotel, conference room and etc. The screens can be customized according to special requirements of customers.

In 2013, XY screens (French brand) entered into China and authorized Guangzhou Xiong-Yun Audio-Visual Equipment Co., Ltd. (a high-tech enterprise) to produce XY projection screens. XY quickly established a Dealer System in more than 100 cities. XY provide products, technology, training, marketing, retail concept, comprehensive services and support for the Dealers. With more than 15, 000 m² Workshop and advanced devices, the authorized factory can manufacture over 200, 000 screens each year.

XY is mainly focusing on home theater projection screen, business and education projection screen, film club / film KTV screen, large cinema screen, large project projection screen, portable outdoor fast fold screen, projector mounts, HDMI cable and other products. The products sell well in all over the world.

XY always attaches great importance to talents, so it has established a completed training system to improve the employees' working skills and professional knowledge.

Because of the continually improvement of human resource and production equipment, the manufacturing capacity and brand awareness have been improved in the meantime.

As an innovative enterprise, since its founding, XY has obtained dozens of patents. We continually explores and studies on screen material, the characteristics of optics and acoustics, etc. With Integrity and Profession, our company always supplies high quality products and maintains good partnership with our customers.

XY will be indomitable to promote the development of China smart home, audio and video entertainment, and will make a positive contribution in the future.

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